I must admit to having a terribly deep affection for books. I love reading books, I adore buying books, I enjoy writing about books, I like looking at books, I have a very deep and vibrant love affair with books. In anything in my life the first thing I turn to is books. Books are my solace, my adventures, my teachers, my though-provokers, my etc. etc. etc.

I have therefore decided to this year make a little blog about the books I read. It is admittedly very informal, very much a personal indulgence and therefore not a good source for you to use for school assignments, detailed reviews on the pros and cons of books, or anything in that vein. It is quite frankly simply my record of a love and enjoyment of books and the things I take from them.

I hope you enjoy reading my little rants about my books, that perhaps it may inspire you to pick up one or two of the books I will be reading this year and to continue your own love affair with literature.

Yours Sincerely,

The Committed Reader, Michelle Graabek

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